About Bike Blue

Bike Blue was born out of the simple desire to keep our kids safer on their bikes. Putting blue lights on their bikes was a simple approach to making them more visible. The kids loved the lights and so did numerous other bicyclists. Unfortunately, in 2009, the unrestricted use of our first blue bike light was illegal in all but a few states.

Overnight the business of selling the most visible bicycle light on the market dimmed. So, we started working with state legislators to permit the use of blue lights on bicycles. When the State Patrol opposed any changes to our current blue lighting laws we decided to take our concerns for bicycle safety in a different direction.

Making Bicycle Safety a National Priority

We formally created Bike Blue in 2014. Our founding members are League of American Bicyclists (LAB) Cycling Instructors. Committed to skills education and bicycle safety, we took our agenda to the national arena.

We sent a proposal to make Bicycle Safety a US DOT Title 23 §405 National Priority Safety Program to Congresswoman Diana DeGette’s office. Two months later we were working with the legislative staff of Congressman Earl Blumenauer, the Founder and Co-chair of the Congressional Bike Caucus, to create a bill that ‘had a good chance’ of being included in the Grow America Act. By early 2015, we were working with Congressman Jared Polis’ staff to get the bill introduced.

In March of 2015, we attended the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC. The lack of support at the Summit from the advocacy community was perplexing and somewhat demoralizing. Later that summer we were informed that Mr. Polis had decided not to introduce the bill. In 2015 our resolve for safer cycling grew exponentially.

Bike Blue is resolute in making bicycle safety part of the US DOT’s §405 National Priority Safety Programs. These programs like Graduated Driver Licensing for teen drivers have proven to save lives. While teens bicyclists learning to safely ride the same roads receive no national recognition or educational support whatsoever. That inequity is unconscionable. And, we’re proud to stand up and say so.

We’re building a network of like-minded supporters who are willing to stand up for safer bicycling. Our priority is uniting bicyclists and the bicycling industry to eliminate distracted driving. Prohibiting the use of hand-held cell phones while operating a vehicle will create a safer riding environment for everyone. And, it’s the first step in making Bicycle Safety a National Priority.